ECCR updates guidance for church treasurers seeking ethical banks

March 29, 2021
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ECCR updates guidance for church treasurers seeking ethical banks

THE Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility – ECCR – has updated its free-to-use resource that compares five ethical bank accounts for churches.

As well as looking at ethical issues, the new resource compares the five charity current accounts on features like fees, branch access, cards and internet banking.

The updated resource has been undertaken as part of ECCR’s Money Makes Change initiative, which aims to build a community of people passionate about connecting faith and finance.

Rosie Venner – who is ECCR’s Money Makes Change programme manager – said: “What a difference it would make if every church in the UK thought carefully about their choice of bank, to ensure the money that they steward is used for the common good!

“More and more churches are looking for an ethical option for everyday banking.

“Many of the big High Street banks are heavily invested in fossil fuels, nuclear weapons and the arms trade.

“If you want to know that the money in your bank account is being put to good use, not fuelling climate change and conflict, or investing in harmful industries, what options are out there?

“Thankfully there are a growing number of banks that have transparent ethical polices and think carefully about who they lend to and where they invest.

“There are banks that shape a fairer society by paying their taxes and treating their employees well.”

ECCR is asking ACAT’s members to download the resource and share it with their church leaders and finance groups.

The new resource can be found HERE.